Our teaching system is individual and systemized. The classes are designed according to students’ needs. Thus, students will speak an active and practical Spanish in no time. We are open the whole year, and we have lessons EVERYDAY of the week (including weekends). We start at 8:a.m and close at 7:p.m. Students can start any day of the week, any month of the year, and choose the best schedule according to their time. We have three levels of learning: A1 and A2 correspond to beginners, B1 and B2 correspond to intermediate, and C1 and C2 correspond to advance. Every day we have a short break during the lessons where we talk, laugh and share with other students and teachers while we drink a cup of good Ecuadorian coffee or an herbal medicinal tea.
The classes contain grammar, vocabulary, readings, and especially a lot of practice through exercises and conversation. Students also do activities with their teachers that will help them practice and get familiar with the language. They can take a walk around the town or around the mountains, visiting the different waterfalls or museums and art galleries in the town. Students have the option of visiting different Indian communities such as Salasaca, Guamote and Saquisili where people mix Spanish with Quichua (the native language of the Andes) and English. If students have interest in some special subject, they only have to tell us and it will be a pleasure to help them. We have interesting classes of Ecuadorian History and Geography, the History of the Incas, Indigenous Philosophy, Cosmo-vision, etc. Students can also learn playing ancestral instruments as the flute, quena, zampoñas, charango and so on. In this way you will enjoy more about our Andean culture that has existed for hundreds of generations.