The Farm in the Coast (Las Delicias)

The Farm in the Coast

(Las Delicias)

Students live with a local family on a typical banana farm from this area, far from the noisy city and in peace and harmony with nature.

Here they study Spanish and do activities with their teachers such as learning how cultivate the products of the region (bananas, cacao, yucca, papayas), walking into the small tropical jungle reserve which has become a refuge for wild animals; bathing in the river, visiting the Tsachila Indian community and the possibility to do volunteer work in a local school. Students enjoy the delicious dishes prepared with different kind of bananas as well as a lot of exotic fruits. Only an hour and a half from Las Delicias is located

Pedernales, a very beautiful beach. Students can go there alone or with their teachers, spend the day there and return in the evening to the farm.

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