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Raices Spanish School Students. Activity-Based Learning.

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Interactive Experiences to Master Spanish.

Embrace a whole new way of learning with our Activity-Based Learning approach. Through interactive and real-world scenarios, you’ll be engaging in the language actively, allowing for a more in-depth comprehension and improved fluency. With each activity, you’ll unlock a new layer of Spanish, all while having fun and creating lasting memories.

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Raices Spanish School Students. Activity-Based Learning.

Bringing Language
to Life.

Our Activity-Based Learning approach is not just about teaching you Spanish; it’s about bringing the language to life. By integrating learning with real-world activities, we make Spanish a living language for you, rich in context and relevance, ensuring a more profound and lasting understanding.

Language in Action

We provide you with opportunities to engage with local communities, allowing you to use your Spanish skills in an authentic and meaningful way.

Adaptable Learning

Our activities are adaptable to accommodate different levels of Spanish proficiency. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, we ensure an enriching learning experience.

Fun and Engaging

From cultural excursions to interactive games, we ensure that learning Spanish is fun and engaging. With us, every lesson is an adventure.

Learning Support

Our experienced instructors guide and support you throughout the activities. They help you navigate language challenges and ensure that you get the most out of each activity.

The Raíces Approach to Language Learning.

At Raíces Spanish School, we believe that language learning should be engaging, dynamic, and fun. Our Activity-Based Learning approach offers a fresh perspective to language education. Here are the highlights of this innovative method.

  • Interactive learning activities for enhanced engagement.

  • Real-life practice for practical language usageReal-life practice for practical language usage.

  • Cultural immersion for deeper understanding.

  • Collaborative learning for community building.

  • Adaptable activities to cater to different proficiency levels.

  • Fun and engaging instruction to foster love for the language.

  • Supportive learning environment with experienced instructors.

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We collaborate with global travel agencies to provide a unique spanish learning experience to their clients.

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One-To-One Lessons

Dive into an engaging learning experience in different enchanting locations in Ecuador.

Group Lessons

Collaborate and learn Spanish in a dynamic and interactive setting.

Spanish Immersion Tours

Explore the beauty of Ecuador while advancing your Spanish skills.

Online Lessons

Achieve Spanish proficiency from the comfort of your own home.

Andean Music Lessons

Immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms of the Andes and enhance your cultural experience.


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