Classes with activities

Classes with activities

Our teaching system is individual and systemized. The classes are designed according to students’ needs. We have three levels of learning: A1 and A2 correspond to beginners, B1 and B2 correspond to intermediate, and C1 and C2 correspond to advance. They contain grammar, vocabulary, readings, writing, and especially a lot of practice through exercises and conversation. Students can also do activities with their teachers that will help them practice and get familiar with the language. They can take a walk around the town or around the mountains, visiting the different waterfalls or museums and art galleries in the town. Students also have the option of visiting different Indian communities such as Salasaca, Guamote , Saquisili or Puyopungo. This is for sure one of our most attractive programs.

Day 1 Spanish lessons in the morning and a city tour. Visiting the “Mirador del volcán” in the afternoon.

Day 2 Spanish lessons in the morning. Taking a walk and visiting the zoo in the mountain.

Day 3 Spanish lessons in the morning.  Horse riding tour in the afternoon.

Day 4 Going with your teacher to visit an Amazonian Indigenous community near to Puyo.

Day 5 Spanish lessons in the morning.  The route of the waterfalls in the afternoon.

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