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One-to-One lessons designed around your learning style and goals.

Our one-to-one Spanish lessons are meticulously designed to cater to your individual language needs, with an exclusive focus on enabling you to communicate fluently and confidently in Spanish.

These private classes give you the chance to engage in direct dialogue with a dedicated, professional teacher, enriching your learning experience.

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Teacher Marcelo with Student. One-to-One Lessons.

A Community Beyond Lessons.

At Raíces, you become part of a vibrant and supportive community. Our teachers, staff, and students form a tight-knit group where everyone is encouraged to learn, grow, and share their experiences. You’re not just another student to us; you’re part of the Raíces family.

Immersive Learning

Learning is not restricted to textbooks. Take a walk around Baños, explore the mountains, visit waterfalls or museums, and practice your Spanish while you’re at it.

In-City Exploration

The city of Baños is an open playground for our students. We encourage them to interact with locals and apply their learning in a real-world context.

Visits to Indigenous Communities

We offer the option of visiting different Indian communities such as Salasaca, Guamote, Saquisili or Puyopungo, enabling students to immerse themselves in a different culture and practice their Spanish skills.

Flexible Lessons Plan

Our lessons are designed according to each student’s needs. You can choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it, making our program highly personalized and effective.

Unleashing the Best in Spanish Learning.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique Spanish learning experience, rooted in a deep understanding of our students’ needs and driven by a passion for the Spanish language. Below are the features that make our One-to-One Lessons stand out.

  • Flexible scheduling, including weekends.

  • Six progressive learning levels from beginner to advanced.

  • Expert tutors with a friendly approach to teaching.

  • High-quality, practical learning materials crafted by our teachers.

  • An activity-based learning approach with in-city exploration.

  • Opportunities to visit indigenous communities.

  • Highly personalized lesson plans.

  • A supportive and vibrant community.

Our Partners.

We collaborate with global travel agencies to provide a unique spanish learning experience to their clients.

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Other Services.

Group Lessons

Collaborate and learn Spanish in a dynamic and interactive setting.

Activity-Based Learning

Engage with Ecuadorian culture and practice Spanish in real-life situations.

Spanish Immersion Tours

Explore the beauty of Ecuador while advancing your Spanish skills.

Online Lessons

Achieve Spanish proficiency from the comfort of your own home.

Andean Music Lessons

Immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms of the Andes and enhance your cultural experience.


Combine language learning with impactful service in local communities.