Our Mission

Enrich Your Journey, Transform Lives.

We fuse language learning with meaningful community engagement. As a volunteer, you’ll explore Ecuador while making a tangible difference. By working with locals, you’ll experience the richness of Ecuadorian life and culture.

This hands-on approach not only deepens your Spanish skills but also fosters a deeper cultural understanding. Join us in bridging cultures and creating lasting change.

Lend a Hand, Enrich Your Understanding, and Immerse in Ecuadorian Life.

At Raíces Spanish School, we believe that one of the most meaningful ways to truly understand a culture is by contributing to the local community.

That’s why we offer a range of volunteer opportunities that allow you to help out, learn Spanish, and gain a unique, hands-on insight into Ecuadorian life.

Lorena Verduga

Founder / Teacher – Raíces Spanish School

Children’s Foundations

Partner with the “Esperanza Para Todos” foundation and work directly with children with different disabilities.

Whether it’s aiding in childcare, kitchen work, cleaning, or conducting workshops, your assistance will make a significant impact.

FUPEC, the family that always accompanies you!

Immerse yourself in the Ecuadorian Culture by accompanying patients with catastrophic diseases like cancer in the non-profit-organization FUPEC (Familias Unidas por las Enfermedades Catastróficas).

Learning Support Centers

Collaborate with a private center supporting children who need help with their homework or have learning problems.

Make education a more accessible and enjoyable process for these students.

Teaching English

Take part in the Sumak Kawsay Yachay initiative in Salasaca and assist in teaching English in the afternoons.

This experience not only aids local students but also helps volunteers sharpen their Spanish and teaching skills.

Volunteering and Learning

A Holistic Approach to Language Learning.

At Raíces Spanish School, we see volunteering as a valuable component of language learning. As you offer your skills and time, you will also be immersed in the Spanish language and Ecuadorian culture, making your learning experience richer and more profound.

What Makes Our
Volunteer Opportunities Unique.

At Raíces Spanish School, we’ve structured our volunteer opportunities to ensure they’re as enriching for you as they are beneficial for the community. Here are some key features that make our volunteering program stand out

  • Direct involvement with local foundations and centers.

  • Teaching opportunities enhancing your skills and language proficiency

  • Flexible schedules catering to your convenience

  • Unique cultural immersion experiences

  • Chance to contribute and make a real difference in the community

  • A supportive environment facilitating interaction and learning

  • Opportunities to practice and enhance your Spanish skills in real-world situations

Make a Difference Today!

Esperanza Para Todos

Childcare Volunteer

Baños, Ecuador

Join hands with the ‘Esperanza Para Todos’ Foundation, providing essential care and support for children with varying disabilities. Your involvement can bring about profound change.


Support People and Their Families

Cuenca, Ecuador

As a volunteer, you can support people and their families from all ages and backgrounds to improve their quality of life with any of your interests and skills.

Sumak Kawsay Yachay

Teaching English Volunteer

Salasaca, Ecuador

Make a lasting impact by teaching English to the local community in Salasaca, within the ‘Sumak Kawsay Yachay’ program. Experience authentic indigenous culture as you contribute to their development.

Raíces Spanish School

Homework Assistance Volunteer

Baños, Ecuador

Help children from local schools with their homework at a private center dedicated to supporting learning needs. Your efforts can help shape their educational success.